by Big Baby Gandhi

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they want muslims to be super conservative toe-the-line model minorities to have a place in this society


[verse 1]
yeahhh the rhythm the rebel
true terrorist im trippin on the treble
grew the beard out now they think im the enemy clear a plane out when i squeeze in a window seat
been looking out my window for weeks
my name could be muhammad my name could be malik
damn even
yr name could be steven
when u look a certain way a certain way u get treated
trackin my computer tappin my phone
plus prosecuter parked proximal my home
yo i feel like pac all eyes on me
had to cop glock stay close to the heat
feds tryna play me jus like movie
ima shoot back if they ever try and shoot me
ima shoot gat if they ever try and shoot back like .......

[verse 2]
dammnnn now they sayin im a criminal cuz my last name islam
aint that typical?
be original
hate me for my character
i kno the shits engrained in u so i aint mad at ya
government told u TV told u media told u i explode yr whole crew
lotta ppl dont kno what to do
how we gonna explain all this shit to the youth?
thats yr punk ass thinkin out loud
keep talkin shit thats jus how i get down
CIA man thats jus how they get down
homeland security thats how they get down

[verse 3]
their gang bang bang my gang cant hang
when they come thru bradang da dang dang
make me feel dumb always do the same thang
wanna kick a cop face then im ghost liu kang
grew up on tanggg never had juice// only had drank and now i got goose
peep the po po fo fo in my boots//girls buggin out but like he so cuute..?
yeah mami me and my army // love for my ppl or my name aint gandhi
bud and the e-pill crushed till its molly//drugs in my satchel now they wanna search me
- palms sweating, thoughts in my mind
ima end up in cuba cuz i like to get high
they mite deport me import me extort me
military tribunal nothing like a court be
got a grip, now its a sport to me
put on my white voice i could be home free?
may be
but the world still feel like a prison
this is how im living
cuz my religion
got a right to be hostile
my ppl being persecuted
a hot style and my verse is stupid
a cops child is who i go to skool with
so i say officer my biggest fear is that a classmate says to me the same shit that u did


released November 10, 2016
produced and written by nafis bin islam
mixed and mastered by ONE BITTER NIGGER



all rights reserved


Big Baby Gandhi Queens, New York

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Producer from Queens, NYC specializing in hip-hop and R&B songwriting, top-lines, hooks, ghostwriting, and overall just good song ideas : )

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